Ministry identifies major areas to boost horticulture’s export performance

ADDIS ABABA- Enhancing productivity and ensuring quality would boost the export performance of the horticulture sector thereby improving nation’s foreign currency earnings, so stressed Ministry of Agriculture (MoA).

Speaking with local media, Agriculture Minister, Girma Amente (PhD), stated that the horticulture sector has allowed in creating employment opportunities with limited space, generating foreign currency, as well as knowledge and technology transfer, among others.

In the past, the sector has been operated by foreigners. However, through knowledge and technology transfer, almost 90% of the sector is now led by Ethiopians, he said.

Under the green legacy initiative, the nation had started exporting Avocado, Banana and other fruits to the world market. By expanding the productivity and ensuring quality, the nation could increase its contribution in the nation, he underlined.

“The land, weather, and surface and underground water of the country are favorable for the horticulture sector. Thus, mapping the areas that are more conducive is essential.”

To this end, the Ministry has mapped the surroundings of Bahir Dar, Jimma, and Arbaminches the major areas that are suitable for the production.

Executive Director of the Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association (EHPEA) on his part noted that much effort should be exerted in ensuring quality and improving skill and technology transfer.

“The more the investment enhances in the horticulture sector, the better the outcomes contribute to the development of the nation widely.”

The director further highlighted sector’s paramount of significance in supplying agro-processing factories besides creating ample jobs and attract more earnings.

Nonetheless, provision and expansion of land and basic infrastructure, cold chain logistics as well as taxation system remained challenge in the sector. Thus, priority must be given in addressing the challenges to reap the right amount of benefit from the sector, as to him.

The nation has set a plan to generate some 741.8million USD from the horticulture sector. Apart from addressing the aforesaid bottlenecks, the Minister underlined that an action plan would be prepared where the performance of the sector would be evaluated quarterly.



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