Supplying manufacturing sector with skilled work force

Human development experts encourage countries to implement Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) to provide practical skills and knowledge to young citizens and supply skilled human capital to the manufacturing and... Read more »

Volunteerism for nation building

Volunteerism has significant benefits in terms of improving social relationships, creating a sense of belongingness within communities, contributing to the development of society, and creating a real difference in the lives of... Read more »

 “Strong health financing for sustainable health development”

The government of Ethiopia, realizing that health is the foundation to generate a productive society, is investing considerably and working unwaveringly to build healthy communities. As part of this, various works have... Read more »

Transforming Lives through adopting street children

Every child is a seed to this planet and within every seed there is a generation that builds a nation. However, for economic, social or political reasons, it is not always common... Read more »

Breast cancer early detection matters the most

Of the over 120 million population Ethiopia has housed, half plus of them constitute women as it is recurrently heralded. As far as public health in general and that of women in... Read more »

Enhancing men’s engagement  to curb gender norms

Socially constructed norms have a significant impact on shaping our values and beliefs, behaviors and expectations, influencing our thoughts and understanding about our surroundings and the external world as well as the... Read more »

 Reducing unemployment through capacitating youths with knowledge, skills

Unemployment is one of the pressing problems and a major concern for governments of almost all countries. Though the scope and the magnitude differ from country to country, it is possible to... Read more »

 Invest in youth, reap the rewards

Dejene Kassa is a dedicated Yoga Therapist who works at New Life Drug Rehabilitation Center and Bright Hills Rehabilitation Center. He passionately volunteers his services to help numerous youths break free from... Read more »

 Ethiopia’s sustained effort to eliminate trachoma

According to the Ministry of Health, trachoma is the leading cause of infectious blindness in Ethiopia, with the country having the highest burden of trachoma in both urban and rural areas. To... Read more »

NYCS: To enhance youths’ role in development, peace, security efforts

It is an indisputable fact that the young people play an incalculable role in advancing any countries’ social and economic development. As they are agents of change and represent the future of... Read more »