Watering peace to enjoy its fruits

Ethiopia has portrayed an amazing turnaround since it embraced change and experienced reawakening. Among the fruits of change, facilitating opportunities for citizens to say “I beg to differ” is salient. This has... Read more »

NPP to augment comprehensive development, institutional transformation

BY ESSEYE MENGISTE ADDIS ABABA—National Planning Commission stated that the reform undertaken and the 10 year National Perspective Plan (NPP) have targeted at ensuring a comprehensive economic, social, administrative and institutional developments... Read more »

Ministry to establish Language Research Authority

BY TAMERU REGASA ADDIS ABABA- Various efforts have been undertaken to establish the first language research authority to develop and administer the language resources in the country, the Ministry of Culture and... Read more »

Organization commits to supporting government priorities

BY TSEGAYE TILAHUN ADDIS ABABA- Plan International said that it has committed to support government priority areas to bring sustainable generational changes within communities. Plan International Country Ethiopia Director, Peter Sweetnam told... Read more »

Geda Special Economic Zone’s all-encompassing boon

BY MENGISTEAB TESHOME Geda Special Economic Zone that would take shape on a 23,656-Hectare swath of land in Mojo, Oromia State, approximately 79 km south of Addis, is expected to create jobs... Read more »

Unfounded rumors debunk with arrest of top junta’s fugitives

BY GETAHUN LEGESSE ADDIS ABABA – The arrest of junta’s senior officials would expose the unfounded rumors in Tigray State as a number of people have been misled by some irresponsible individuals’... Read more »

Diaspora community campaigning to hamper juntas’ info warfare

BY STAFF REPORTER ADDIS ABABA – The members of Ethiopian Diaspora have joined their hands to the information warfare against the Junta participating through the campaign themed: ‘Unity for Ethiopia’. Organized by... Read more »

Ethiopia wins visitors confidence

• Tourists request VISA extension  BY GIRMACHEW GASHAW ADDIS ABABA-Tourists, who have been satisfied in visiting the wanders of Ethiopia, have drawn-out their VISA for a month to stay and comprehend the... Read more »

The Ethiopian herald January 10/2021

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Ethiopian history in brief

COMPILED BY LEULSEGED WORKU  The name “Ethiopia” derives from the Greek ethio , meaning “burned” and pia , meaning “face”: the land of burned-faced peoples. Aeschylus described Ethiopia as a “land far... Read more »