Pan-Africanism enhances Africa’s global participation: Fmr. President

Urges investors to seize opportunities in Ethiopia


ASTANA – Sharing his perspective on pressing global issues within the context of pan-Africanism, former President MulatuTeshome (PhD) said Africans have re-asserted themselves and are becoming important global partners.

Speaking at a special session on the sidelines of the Astana International Forum 2023 on Thursday, Mulatu went on to say that African solidarity is premised on principles to do away with current and emerging problems.

Given this, African countries achieved  independence and refocused their purpose by transforming the Organization of African Unity (OAU) to the African Union (AU), to build an effective continental institution that provides effective mechanisms on economic, political, peace, and security and similar other matters.

Asked to reflect on his views on the deadly Sudanese situation, he indicated the two men in Sudan [Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo that leads the RSF, and Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman al-Burhan who leads the SAF should sacrifice their interests for the sake of the Sudanese people.

“External interference would fuel their problems and we don’t want the situation of Yemen and Libya replicated in our region.” He also highlighted the role of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) who brokered peace back in 2019 between the Sudanese forces.

Regarding investment in Ethiopia, the former president highlighted that the country has already put in place an enabling business climate and has called on investors to tap the comparative and competitive advantages.

“Anyone can invest in Ethiopia and there is not any favoritism for this and that party or country. Investors could engage in various areas such as extraction, agriculture, construction as well as education to benefit themselves and many others.”

As to him, Ethiopia is leaving an example concerning combating climate change. “In addition to producing clean energy, we are planting billions of seedlings annually. We also inspired our neighboring countries by sharing our experiences and providing seedlings as well.” Businesspersons comprised from various countries and members of the Ethiopian delegation as well as foreign journalists and correspondents took part in the event.


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